Another Example Of Bad Technology

Take a look at this article. It takes about the bugs that still plague today’s browser version. And is it a miracle? These browsers not only have to incorporate code to make different versions of Html render correctly, but also ActiveX components, run java, and a whole host of other crap I don’t even know about. Browsers are one of the biggest monstrosity in Software. That’s why I use Firefox. Although it may not be much better in that regard, at least it is Open Source so people can check (although few do I imagine 😀 ) that there is no spyware in it.

My main point is however that today’s software development is so terribly complicated due to the requirement for interconnection of different software, different device types, different problem domains, different networks, that it gets slower and slower and more and more vulnerable. Did you know that the DOW (or DOD as it is officially called these days) considers cyber attack the number one thread to the safety of the USA? What does it say about the quality of today’s software when we have to be more afraid of a hacker than we were of the Soviet Union?

And if you don’t agree, check out this article here before you fly again.